Bandevi School in Upper Ghumarchowk was severely damaged by the April earthquake of 2015. The need for building a better, safer and more inviting atmosphere for education is high. The forecasted cost of the school building due to the difficulty of access is forecasted to be around that of $45,000.00 AUD.



In the present state, the school management committee is conducting seven classes in the temporary shelters built out of GI sheets that were built by different volunteering initiations and the school management committee’s efforts. Those temporary classrooms are hardly encouraging the teaching learning environment of the school. Noises from the overcrowded classrooms affect the adjacent classrooms. Due to the poor construction techniques, the indoor environment of the classes are highly affected by the harsh outdoor environment conditions.

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From the Ground Up has committed, when funds become available to constructing a 6 classroom building to meet the minimal requirements of the school and its members. We will be providing the infrastructure as well as ongoing support to meet the future needs of the school, should they arise.

From the Ground Up will be working alongside the Bandevi school committee. Both FTGU and the school will be working to collect the funds for the construction efforts.  We will also be taking a sensitive, fine approach to the case studies to ensure that we are meeting all the required needs of the area and its surroundings and give these teachers and students what we have to offer in terms of infrastructure development, the best possibleenvironment to learn.