Saint Ignatius' College Riverview, travelling all the way from Sydney Australia has become the first school group to visit From the Ground Up's work in Sankhu and Ghumarchowk, Nepal. 



Visiting in 2 groups on both 7th and then the 16th of January, as part of the Jesuit school's initiative to bring its students in contact with people from all walks of life, both groups of students and teachers left a lasting impact and learned a lot about FTGU's methodology and why it has gained traction so fast in Ghumarchowk. 

Both groups carried out a full tour of Nick's home and brick factory in Sankhu, as well as the major projects, landmarks and attractions throughout Ghumarchowk, in addition to meeting key figures within the community who provided first hand accounts of the work of FTGU (as well as Interlock Construction) in the community. 

A tradition was begun with this visit where all volunteers and visitors to FTGU's base will carve their name into a brick to build a 'visitor's wall'. 



The emphasis on the school group for coming was that Joseph Wehbe, Scott McKeon and Paddy Hayes, FTGU establishing members, are all alumni of the college: it was an opportunity for education on a dynamic new approach to changing lives and fighting poverty. 

We welcome other school and University groups to visit FTGU in Nepal. 

A huge thank you to the generosity of the School and these groups, for the donation of 9 laptops to the Bandevi Manichud School. These laptops will go towards good use in the school where technology is incredibly hard to come by.