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Get Involved


Everyone has their own way to give. Not all of us are able to commit for long lengths of time to on the ground support - but FTGU can work collaboratively with you to organise an annual or one-off fundraiser. This is a great way for everyone to get involved, and can lead to further pathways in the organisation?

Not able to brainstorm your own idea? No problem! Browse through our FTGU Fundraiser Roll and get involved as an FTGU Fundraiser Manager!

Check out our Fundraiser Calendar for upcoming fundraisers!


A social enterprise is a business whose primary purpose is to confront social or environmental  problems, which may or may not be achieved in conjunction with profits yielded for other stakeholders. FTGU takes a unique venture-based approach to social enterprise, which you can get involved in domestically or abroad.

From the Ground Up endorses and assists ventures looking to provide any of the following key pro-social benefits:

  • Ongoing contribution of funds to the organisation
  • Employment opportunities to underprivileged or unskilled individuals
  • Facilitation for social and business entrepreneurs, particularly those concentrated in underprivileged communities.

Our involvement can range from knowledge sharing to more active support. We also have a FTGU Social Enterprise Roll if you think you have what it takes to be a Social Enterprise Coordinator, for an FTGU supporting Social Enterprise!   


Looking to volunteer? We have a range of volunteering needs, from coaching and development assistance, professional support and administration to construction management and project development.

With many ways to get involved, for incomparable experiences and the ability to have noticeable impact, register your interest here!

become a mentor

From the Ground Up establishes personal and professional development opportunities to accelerate maturation, responsibility and sector socialisation for promising young individuals.

We rely on industry leading mentors in order to do so. Have what it takes to become a mentor? Get in touch to learn more.